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Stacy Fournier, BVM&S


Dr. Fournier graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland veterinary school in 2006 after undergraduate studies in biomedical science at Texas A&M University led her to a study-abroad year in the United Kingdom; thus one year studying abroad ended up as six instead!  During veterinary school, Stacy worked and studied with Drs. Payne, Waldo, and Walquist while visiting her parents and relatives in Mason and Oceana Counties. She returned to work full-time with Country Veterinary Clinic following graduation for three years and enjoyed the teaching environment provided there, especially development within the fields of internal medicine, preventive medicine, nutrition, ultrasound, and surgery under the excellent guidance of her experienced colleagues.

Marriage, a five-year stint as a small-animal veterinarian in North Muskegon, and two children later, Stacy is delighted to be back at Country Veterinary Clinic for good! Stacy and her husband Matt enjoy spending their time outside of work with their young children Claire and Ben, along with their extended family in the local area. Stacy also enjoys home-improvement projects, various activities and exercise outside year-round, and local events/entertainment, cooking, and reading. The Fourniers have a sweet and loving English Labrador Retriever named Gordy and two cats named Jojo and Mitt. 

Dr. Stacy Fournier, DVM, BVM&S