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2020 Client Survey Comments

"Because Laura and Glen are cool people. I'm sure everyone else there is cool, too, but I've not met anyone else." 12/26/20

"We've been bringing our family pets to Dr. Glenn for manny years. He's top notch! He listens to our concerns, and he never once makes us feel rushed or undeserving of his attention. We really appreciate him!!" 12/25/20

"Glenn spent a good period of time with me and answered a lot of questions." 12/24/20

"Always amazing! Thanks and I always recommend you guys! Much Love, Heather & Rich" 12/23/20

"Even though Dr. Laura listened to my concerns through the vet tech; I felt that Teddy was treated with care and kindness. My concern was laid to rest." 12/19/20

"Got in quick. Like the service we get. great with the dogs" 12/17/20

"Professional knowledgeable care." 12/17/20

"Good understanding of symptoms and considerations for making decisions about care." 12/15/20

"thank you thank you! I can not tell you that enough I have hope that my kitty will be all right" 12/14/20

"From the day we brought Patty as a tiny kitten that was dropped off at our home with a severely injured leg that had to be amputated she has had excellent care. She received excellent care then and continues to now." 12/12/20

"Always feel like our pets get the best care and we are given good information about their needs and how to best care for them. Thank you." 12/12/20

"Your team is amazing" 12/12/20

"Everyone is friendly and courteous my dogs really love them" 12/11/20

"The staff is ALWAYS ready to help, no matter how trivial my questions." 12/07/20

"You treated us and our very old cat with great concern for her needs as an ancient cat (over 21 years)" 12/06/20

"We have great respect and appreciation for your staff and the expertise they shared with us.Very good to our dog as well. You have a team to be proud of. Dr. Laura went out of her way to help us find the best price on the prescription our dog needed." 12/04/20

"I was very touched by the knowledge and time that Dr, Glenn took with me and Stella! and in both call-backs he spoke to me about so many things, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!" 11/30/20

"Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Vet was thorough and took the time to explain things to me. You could tell that she really cared about my pet." 11/27/20

"It was a great experience, other than the lady driving her plow into my truck!!" 11/23/20

"Extremely professional staff and excellent customer service! I would highly recommend the clinic to others!" 11/19/20

"Everyone was wonderful and caring. Bubba is a new client and I felt more comfortable here than at my previous vet office." 11/19/20

"I only answered N/A on the one question because, due to Covid-19 I didn't go into the building so i had no way of knowing how clean it was. Otherwise, you all did an amazing job, as always." 11/18/20

"They were so polite and professional. They took great care of my little boy. The doctor explained everything in a very clear and concise way. This is one of the best veterinarian offices I have ever been to." 11/17/20

"Long term client with rescue pets. Most have previously suffered, but are treated as graciously as a pampered show dog. Country Vet is among the bes on the planet!" 11/14/20

"Great staff." 11/13/20

"The Country Clinic crew are knowledgeable and professional. Also, was nice to here they were taking new clients." 11/12/20

"Everyone at CVC is kind, knowledgeable, and has treated my pets like their own for the many years that I have been a customer there. They are as kind and compassionate. I will always trust my babies in the hands of the professionals at CVC!" 11/12/20

"Very Friendly!" 11/09/20

"The staff was very courteous and helpful. They spent a lot of time speaking with me about my concerns during my first visit and made sure they became familiar with my dog. Overall a great experience, would definitely recommend!" 11/09/20

"Dr. Crystal was great! She is so good with Chevy! And gives good information to help the situation!" 11/09/20

"With all the pets we have owned I have had the opportunity to see all of the vets at one time or another. They are all knowledgable, easy to talk with, and they and the staff are very caring. My horses, cats , and dogs have had the best of care." 11/08/20

"This was my first time here. Everyone was very friendly. Dr. Glen was awesome." 11/08/20

"Everyone is so caring and compassionate! Glenn is awesome and so helpful!" 11/05/20

"I understand with Covid there are lots of issues, but I waited in excess of 25 minutes in my car waiting for someone to come out. This was after I called three times after 8 am to check in because no one answered" 11/02/20

"These questions are hard to answer when you are not allowed in the building with your pet. I spent one and a half hours in the parking lot with the car running to keep warm. I think that is ridiculous" 10/30/20

"Excellent service from my phone call to get in with Randy to the outside service provided I was impressed great team work" 10/29/20

"We love our vet Crystal, she so nice.listens and answers our question. And Sissy likes her to. Need more like her.." 10/29/20

"The staff are extremely friendly, caring and competent. Plus, they always validate my opinion that my cats are the best!" 10/26/20

"Have always had good experienced great care every time we have brought one of our pets in. I had concerns after Mulan had her vaccinations and was immediately reassured by the techs and assistants." 10/24/20

"Excellent service" 10/24/20

"The Veterinarian came out to speak with me after the visit, as the pets were taken into the facility by the staff. She was very thorough explaining the examination of my dog and answered my questions completely. Thank you Country Veterinary Staff!" 10/24/20

"The reason I rated five stars is: Dr. Glenn answered all my questions clearly and made sure I understood all he explained to me. I made a list of the things I wanted him to check during Syaire?s exam and he did everything on that list!!" 10/23/20

"Always kind, thoughtful, professional and full of knowledge." 10/23/20

"Always the best care for my animals at Country Veterinarian." 10/22/20

"My tech Savannah was wonderful and amazing and so helpful" 10/21/20

"We?ve moved to this area from Alabama in September and have only been to your facility just once for a minor issue. Due to COVID we were not allowed to be in the facility so it?s impossible for me to answer some of these questions." 10/20/20

"You was there when Peanut needed help." 10/19/20

"Thank you, I really appreciate that when I told you my situation concerning the cost of a prescription you helped me." 10/18/20

"Vet was knowledgeable and friendly and explained all my options very well !" 10/15/20

"I was able to get my senior dog in very quickly for an emergency appointment and really felt like she was priority for them." 10/12/20

"My pet gets good care when I can get him in. It seems when there is an emergency with any vet in this town it isn't properly handled. I don't understand why it would sit well with any practice to tell a client to go to Traverse City or Grand Rapids." 10/08/20

"Care is great; however, prices are steep." 10/06/20

"Everyone from receptionist to Dr. Stacey were very kind, helpful and informative. I couldn't ask for better care for our dog." 10/05/20

"Everyone that takes care of my furry pets are so patient, kind and loving." 10/05/20

"Friendly, professional, helpful" 09/30/20

"Our pet was recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition, and the care has been outstanding. Only suggestion might be if an emergency visit fee is paid on a weekend, that the fee for same day appt on next open day for same issue be waived." 09/27/20

"Friendly and happy to see me and my dogs" 09/20/20

"Very concerned staff" 09/18/20

"My pets are part of my family and they are treated with kindness and care when I bring them in." 09/13/20

"Luke (cat) was treated very well? when we returned home he started feeling better and by the next day was back to his normal self! Thank you Dr. Glen and Linda for taking such great care of him." 09/12/20

"I have been coming here for years, and have always had great service. I feel like everyone really cares about the health of my animals." 09/07/20

"My pets and myself are very comfortable with the Doctor and staff." 09/07/20

"Dr Glen has taken care of my dogs for over 20 years. There is a reason for that. He has called me on a Sunday evening, when he was at home just to check on my dog, that man is a great doctor." 09/05/20

"Dr.Laura was extremely helpful. I am so happy we have found a veterinarian that we can trust with our girls. We were so worried when we moved here about finding a vet who cared like our vet did. So happy we can say we found one." 09/04/20

"Toby has special needs and you listened to the issues and accommodated him. I wanted him to feel safe on his appointments and he was not as fearful as in the past." 08/31/20

"Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They take great care of our pets and really care about them." 08/29/20

"Consistently great care given with much care!" 08/28/20

"The veterinarian spent a considerable amount of time with me, explaining alternate options to control Earl's allergies. Previous veterinarians did not provide that information. Plus, he did not get mad when Earl relieved himself on the vet's leg." 08/28/20

"Even during this pandemic and all the changes I know my dog and cats still get the best care. Thank you for all you do." 08/28/20

"Very kind and considerate and very knowledgeable. I felt confident that they are doing what?s best my dog. They truly are wonderful people..." 08/26/20

"Dr Waldo is an absolutely caring & knowledgeable vet. She also is very concerned that the patients are completely aware of & understand their pets health challenges! She has been terrific with our two dogs ?Jack & JD?. We appreciate her so much !?" 08/24/20

"This was our first visit to your clinic, and it was wonderful!" 08/23/20

"Dr Stacy explains things to me about Annie and takes such great care of her. The staff is knowledgeable and caring. Even though I could not go in with Annie due to Covid I know she was well cared for. I will continue to bring Annie to see Dr Stacy." 08/17/20

"professional, knowledgeable, , friendly front desk, answers all questions, do not rush in and out. I have had many vets, in this state and out of state..this is by far the best vet clinic I have ever had...my pets are very lucky..thank you !!" 08/11/20

"Dr Glen was amazing, so knowledgeable and patient. His diagnosis and treatment for Chantal are already helping her immensely. I cannot thank him enough. I have already recommended him and he is now a part of our family!!!!" 08/10/20

"I tell people you answer questions with respect, consider what is best for both pet parent and pets, and Apollo likes the staff there. ." 08/10/20

"Was not told in advance I needed to call and they would get my pet. Should have explained this when I got the call reminding me of appointment. Also there was no sign notifying me of this where I parked." 08/08/20

"you all go beyond expectation in the performance of your professional and support jobs. It's so pleasant to be cared for by happy people" 08/08/20

"Great service compassionate care." 08/08/20

"I am happy with the service that was provided." 07/29/20

"We like to be able to be with our animals friends." 07/23/20

"Because there is no one better than Dr. Glenn and staff. I trust them completely with Gracie and that's why you get 5 stars!" 07/23/20

"GREAT VETS. Was terrific that Rebel was treated outside. The best for him and the vet. He stayed calm. Inside can be a terror. Thanks for always wonderful treatment." 07/16/20

"There was an immediate strong emotional connection to the vet and staff even during this period of Covid where all of the interaction takes place curbside" 07/16/20

"Always go the extra mile for us" 07/14/20

"I have gone to Jebaby to for 3 years. I've been made to feel like a terrible pet owner after leaving there on many occasions. After several recommendations and having adopted 2 puppies, we called Country Vet. I'm so glad we did! Thanks so much!!" 07/13/20

"Exceptional care and concern for our boxer Chloe. Thank you!" 07/13/20

"Always friendly and knowledgeable about my pets current situation and past condition." 07/09/20

"Best overall care for Pets & Owners. Strongly recommend Country Veterinary for any of your Pets. The Staff,Medical Assistants,& Dr.s are absolutely wonderful! Love this Place!" 07/09/20

"Great place." 07/03/20

"Thanks for all you do for Oliver. You guys are the best! Please stay safe and healthy!" 06/26/20

"I like the friendly nature of the vets. I do feel the cost was very expensive" 06/26/20

"My experience with Country Vet Clinic is the best! Always professional and they really care about the animals they serve. They are informative and listen to any concerns a pet owner may have." 06/25/20

"Everyone was very nice and all my questions were answered. But when the Vet came out and talked to me about my dog it was almost like he was rudely telling me I have mistreated my dog and I had not" 06/21/20

"Dr. Laura and staff are top notch!! Thanks for taking such good care of Miss Mini Cooper! Shirley & Nick" 06/19/20

"We have recommended your office to quite a few people. Very friendly and the staff and doctors are the BEST!!!!!" 06/18/20

"Every one of the vets are top notch in both animal care and personality. You won?t find better for your furry family!" 06/18/20

"We are treated like family. Everyone is so kind and courteous" 06/15/20

"Very un-organized/assistant brought pet out before she was done. There was no communication during the exam which was very hard to accept." 06/09/20

"While waiting in the parking lot I had the opportunity to see how the staff interacted with patients and they did a fabulous job. That is why I choose Country Vet. Thank-you for your service during COVID19." 06/08/20

"Excellent explanations and tolerant of our difficult cat. Good followup." 06/04/20

"best care out there for our fur babies! would not trust them to go anywhere else! Thank you" 04/23/20

"All the vets were very friendly and reassuring when I left my puppy! Lots of great care and love while staying overnight. Puppy is doing great." 04/21/20

"We were greeted right away outside in our vehicle, Doctor came out to talk incase we had any questions. very happy with service under conditions." 04/17/20

"We visited during COVID-19 A technician came out to my vehicle and took the dog inside to get his vaccines. She returned with other medicine that I needed as well. I was able to call and pay over the phone. Very well done!" 04/13/20

"I needed a vet to see my puppy because of a broken leg she has and I am currently not an active client. They were swamped with emergencies and Dr. Glenn took the time to see her and I believe he saved her leg. I would definitely recommend them." 04/06/20

"I know that if we could have come into the clinic it probably would have been very clean. You are doing a fantastic job because of our covid-19 pandemic that is going on right now keep up the fantastic work I'm impressed and will be back" 04/05/20

"Everyone at CVC has always provided the best of care for all our animals over the years. Thank you one and all." 03/27/20

"Best vet in the area" 03/23/20

"I've always been happy with bringing any of my animals to you. You all have shown compassion and tolerance. Thanks for all you've done for our animals." 03/19/20

"I know my pet is in good hands whenever I visit." 03/07/20

"I just really like our Vet. She is great with our cat, Simone. And Simone likes her too." 03/07/20

"Each vet has taken time and care in helping us with our dog. We truly appreciate all of them!" 02/15/20

"A good vet is very important to me. How they treat my four-legged kids is top priority. I travel from Copemish. But it's worth it for a good vet. They treat my animals as family and have compassion. i will always bring my pets here." 02/14/20

"Very professional, kind service. Did not push unnecessary goods or services on us (as did our previous clinic). Vet took time with us. Vet and tech genuinely liked our cat and treated him well. A good experience for all of us." 02/10/20

"My cat gets the best care and concern she could possibly get. I feel Dr Glen cares for and loves my cat as much as I do. It doesn't get any better than that." 02/08/20

"The staff listens then responds accordingly. Everyone is welcoming and ready to do their job." 02/07/20

"came in for a flu shot only....was also charged a office visit." 02/06/20

"Communicated very clearly the problems and solutions. Thought it was very cool they showed me ear mites on the microscope too." 02/03/20

"This was my first experience here and it was wonderful. Both Dr. Laura and Amanda were wonderful with Louie." 02/03/20

"All of the above plus I trust your skill and knowledge. Every action seems to be to the best of each individual?s ability. I know my pets are safe and well cared for always. We love CVC!" 02/03/20

"They took me in and helped me got my cat feeling better. They were compassionate about what I was going thru explained everything to me and did a amazing job I would recommend them to everyone!" 02/03/20

"CVC has always treated our animals great!" 02/03/20

"Caring & helpful staff" 01/31/20

"Always professional but very caring from front office to the Doctors." 01/24/20

"Staff went above and beyond to help me wrangle my small kids in addition to two dogs. Thank you!" 01/13/20

"4 and 1/2 stars - I believe if we have an appointment - at say 4pm, the wait should not be more than 15 minutes once we are in the room. It was closer to 30 minutes before we were seen." 01/13/20

"Miley and I always feel so very welcome and comfortable when visiting. They are patient and take the time to explain everything in detail." 01/09/20

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