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Our Mission Statement

The Commitment of the Doctors and Staff of the Country Veterinary Clinic to our Clients and Patients...

For those of us who work here at the Country Veterinary Clinic, our duties are more than just a job...this is our passion. We love all animals, and we love the people who love animals. Each day we come to work with the goal of offering our clients and patients the best veterinary care we can provide. We value your dedication to your pet and your commitment to his or her health, and we feel fortunate that you have selected us to provide that crucial health care. For this great honor, we make you the following promises:

We promise...that as long as your pet is our patient, we will do our best to meet the health care needs and provide you with all the information necessary to make the best decisions for your animal friend.

We treat your beloved pet as if he/she is our own, with the same respect and compassion, and to treat you with the respect we show our friends and family.

We promise...that our Doctors and staff will treat clients, patients, and one another in a courteous and professional manner under every circumstance. We will employ only qualified doctors and staff and will maintain the hygienic environment of our hospital, grounds, and equipment for the benefit of your animal.

We be available whenever possible to help your pet in the event of an emergency, during or after regular office hours. We will offer the best emergency and critical care our hospital has available if your pet has an emergency.

We answer any questions you may have to the best of our knowledge and to seek answers or provide references if we are unable to offer you a solution.

We offer fair prices that reflect the quality of the care we provide. We will inform you of your charges, obtain your permission before adding additional charges for optional services, and provide an approximate estimate of costs upon request for any procedure performed in our hospital.

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