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2021 Client Survey Comments

"In addition to providing excellent care, Dr. Glenn and the staff showed genuine concern and care for my dog, Gus. Appreciate them all very much as it was difficult time for me and my pet." 12/28/21

"Dr. Glenn has provided top quality care for my furry kids for around 20 years. He has called me at home on a Sunday evening just to check on my babies. I couldn't imagine trusting my furry kids to anyone else." 12/26/21

"Dr. Waldo is very knowledgeable and explains what she is seeing and thinking about a diagnosis very well! TD." 12/25/21

"The staff and docs are all courteous, patient, well-informed, respectful and very professional. They handle our animals with love and gentleness. They are very good at presenting all options with explanations. And their costs are reasonable." 12/24/21

"I am always confident that Ginger will receive the best care at Country Veterinary Clinic." 12/24/21

"After rescuing a 10 month old cat to find out no vet in manistee was accepting new pets. I called country vet and they welcomed us with open arms. Thank you all." 12/23/21

"This was my first time with Dr. Laura and it was amazing! She is very caring and exceptionally knowledgeable about what was happening with my cat. Thank you for all the info and education!" 12/23/21

"We brought our cat Bear in. We were new to this office. Bear has had some trauma from past treatments and he was handled very well, even though he was being difficult. We appreciate the care!" 12/23/21

"The staff is very friendly, excellent services !!!! Vet is informative!!!" 12/16/21

"A long time client, never have been disappointed with care and treatment of my animals. I can count on them for quality care and advice." 12/14/21

"The folks at the country clinic are simply the best. To the last person the entire staff cares about the well-being of our furry friends." 12/11/21

"We had a great visit." 12/09/21

"Dr. Laura was the bomb! Listened to our concerns, worked slowly for the comfort of Jaisa, and suggested several options for helping her with her skittishness. Felt very cared about- Dr. Laura thank you." 12/09/21

"This was the first time in the vet clinic and I was super impressed. Dr. Stacy and the technicians fell in love with Mazy and took the time to make it a great experience for her." 12/06/21

"Dr Laura was awesome and Spud loved her. That's all I care about. If my dog doesn't like you we're out of there!" 12/03/21

"At our most recent appointment there was a little mix-up after we had checked in that resulted in a 40 minute delay before actually being seen but it was just a mistake and the first time that's happened. Dr. Laura is the best vet ever! 11/22/21

"Very friendly knowledgable staff. They love what they do and it shows in the way they treat our beloved family member. We have recommended this facility several times." 11/19/21

"The client emergency services really helped Elsa's problems!" 11/15/21

"I have told my co-workers and family how much I appreciate the fact that your clinic will see new patients that are in need of care with out waiting weeks or months to get in. Thank you" 11/15/21

"Always treated with such care. Wouldn't go to any other doctor, as we are partners in Lucy's well being. The doctors and staff are the best!" 11/15/21

"Knowledgeable, professional, compassionate staff who listen both to me and my dog." 11/12/21

"Was very in tune with Meisha's stress level and prepared accordingly. Thank you." 11/08/21

"Always courteous & friendly. "Exceptional care" provided to my animals. My only concern & it's been discussed is being able to get an appointment timely, not 3-4 weeks & scheduling a procedure where the soonest date is 4 months out." 11/05/21

"Great vet visit, & Rudy loved being there, but always room for improvement. :)" 11/05/21

"We were very thankful that the Dr. would not give too many vaccines at one time so he could get in the kennel. We opted for less vaccines and had a friend care for the dog. Great care when our dog had Lyme disease." 11/02/21

"We always have been treated well." 10/29/21

"I really like waiting in the car rather than the waiting room. I like the notes Dr. Glenn wrote and gave me. The whole process goes very smoothly as far as I am concerned." 10/27/21

"Thank you Dr Stacy and Sandra for their wonderful care of Remington!!" 10/17/21

"just a good place to bring my dogs" 10/16/21

"Issues were addressed. Follow up from both staff and Dr. communication was wonderful." 10/16/21

"I have been there before and have recommended them before." 10/08/21

"Took the time to show me how to brush my dog's teeth an trimmed her nails as part of the exam." 10/03/21

"As you know the handsome/cute lil bit is very oppinionated/vicious toward not wanting anyone new to touch him, this said its great that your staff takes good care of him. Every time! Many thanks!" 10/03/21

"All of the vets and vet techs have been wonderful since we started coming to you 2 1/2 years ago!" 10/01/21

"Cvc has always taken great care of our pets. All your Docs are very understanding and listen to your concerns." 10/01/21

"Very professional! A positive appointment!" 09/27/21

"The wait before seen was a bit too long, but I was very happy for my pets to be seen!" 09/27/21

"Ruby was very happy with Dr. Laura who was in turn very happy with Ruby!" 09/25/21

"My animals have always received the best care." 09/24/21

"We were very impressed esp since we were there for the1st time. The staff couldn't have been more nice or more welcoming. Thank you!" 09/23/21

"Respect for the animals and owners" 09/20/21

"There is no other place I would consider taking Cali!! She has been coming here for over 17 years. In all the years, I have never left the clinic disappointed. The care, knowledge and concern for cats have always been outstanding!" 09/20/21

"Always experiences a very caring empathetic professional attitude & service. On behalf of our two dogs (Jack and JD) we thank you very much! Will recommend your clinic to anyone searching for care for their pets. Much appreciation! 09/19/21

"Dr. Crystal is the best and the staff is always very friendly. The only thing that could be changed is that when the vet tech's come into the room and don't introduce themselves and since they don't wear name tags we never know who we are talking to." 09/18/21

"Great staff but your prices are very high" 09/18/21

"Love the quality of care for Apollo. I understand waiting but it would have been nice to know you were running behind and how long I expected to wait. I understand things happen, but others might not." 09/07/21

"Our situation was quite unique and urgent. We were seen quickly and helped immediately to give Porter Waggoner comfort until he could be seen that day. This was the most thorough exam any of my pets have ever had at any facility we have used." 09/04/21

"They treated Ollie like the fur baby he is and not just a dog. They took their time with us listening and answering our questions. They understood our fear of being at a new vet. The staff looked happy to be there." 08/30/21

"I feel that my pets are genuinely cared for and staff are always reassuring about the safety and care of my pets when I have to leave them in their care." 08/27/21

"We feel heard, taken seriously and that our dog is loved on while they are there; he actually gets excited when we pull into the parking lot!" 08/25/21

"Overall great place, although costs for some services are high...especially dental. I moved here from the Chicago suburbs and had several vets there and the costs for dental work there were no where near the estimate I received from CVC." 08/23/21

"First visit and extremely pleased with how attentive, professional and prompt everyone was." 08/22/21

"Our first experience with your group was also our pet's first checkup. We felt welcomed and appreciated, in every instance, how the staff engaged an soothed our pet during the visit. For me the best vet visit in many years of pet companionship." 08/20/21

"The vet spent a long time with me and answered every question. It was an outstanding experience." 08/20/21

"First time with Crystal and loved her! Super friendly, caring, understanding, and knowledgeable." 08/17/21

"Our dog appears to be sensitive to annual vaccinations. We continue to bring this up with the tech and Veterinarian and wonder if there is an alternative way to approach the issue." 08/09/21

"They are knowledgeable, kind, courteous and place pet care over profits." 08/09/21

"They were just amazing. My Darla Rose is healing from her allergies, finally. They are my veterinarian from now on. Thank you so much Dr. Glenn." 08/09/21

"Vets and staff have always been top notch and caring." 08/06/21

"We were referred to Country Veterinary Clinic for an ultrasound and possible surgery for our 12 year old Lab, Riley. We were nervous to leave her all day, and to figure out what our next steps would be but the staff and Dr. Laura were amazing!" 08/06/21

"A bit pricey, but worth it. The vets are knowledgeable, kind, and professional. I have 2 dogs and won't even consider vets that are closer or less expensive. These guys are fantastic. Four stars only because of cost." 08/06/21

"Best experience I could have hoped for with handling my fur baby's car accident as soon as I got there. Thank you so much, very glad I came to you instead of back to Ludington Animal Hospital vet where I had taken both my dogs in the past." 07/31/21

"I love the care my pets get. I love the fact my questions and concerns are Always important to the Team here. I'm never brushed off. I love this Clinic! 07/21/21

"A very friendly and courteous staff. Vet explained everything thoroughly and was very personable and friendly. I felt my cat was well-taken care of and in good hands." 07/18/21

"Friendly staff, easy to talk to, and you can tell that the animals are important to everyone who works with them." 07/18/21

"I drive 40 minutes one way because this is the best vet clinic. My dog feels safe and secure with all the personnel!" 07/17/21

"My wild "child" Vizsla is a handful for any vet practice, but Country Vet, especially Dr. Laura Waldo & her staff, provided my Cherry with loving, excellent care. Cherry is not so wild now at age 14, but still going strong with wonderful senior care." 07/17/21

"Everyone is friendly and helpful and Dr. Laura is very knowledgeable whenever I have a question or concern. So glad I transferred to this animal hospital." 07/07/21

"I recommend Dr. Laura to anyone asking for vet recommendations!" 07/05/21

"Always available, depth of experience and perseverance through the difficult year almost passed." 07/04/21

"Best care in our area over the years." 07/02/21

"We've taken our dogs to Country Vet for over 15 years for a multitude of issues and in every case, we were extremely satisfied with the care and treatment of our animals. They are the best vets in the Ludington/Scottville area." 07/02/21

"Considerate, efficient care. Great advice on care for OUR dog. Not judging of our dog's weight, just suggested solutions!" 06/28/21

"I feel like Asher is safe and very well taken care of. He is very excited every time we get there. He loves it when the tech comes to get him." 06/28/21

"Always friendly and courteous! Mini Cooper is in good hands at Country Vet!!!" 06/28/21

"Been to several vets and always came back to the Country Vet. Excellent care for my pet." 06/27/21

"Dr. Glenn always takes the time to answer questions and provide explanations that are helpful and easy to understand. Thank you!" 06/26/21

"Every person at cvcmi cares very deeply for my dogs and my concerns. Except for crowded parking (which is of course expected because you are such a popular place!). I consider cvcmi with a "Cheers" atmosphere, where everybody knows my name, etc." 06/20/21

"Your staff was so kind to my dog and took the time to really love on my beagle so he was not afraid. I really appreciated the love and care we were given." 06/18/21

"We adopted a timid adult cat and were pleased to be able to get him in to be seen in a reasonable time frame. In the meantime, staff was helpful with suggestions on how to acclimate our new pet to unfamiliar surroundings. Thank you!" 06/18/21

"I'm so glad I brought Nali to Country Vet. I know my kitty is getting top notch compassionate care!" 06/14/21

"The vet tech that gave my cat his shots was very friendly. However, because the vet previously prescribed medication to calm my fiesty cat, I felt I should have been given aftercare instructions....he is still sleepy." 06/10/21

"All good. Took care of my needs and gordons needs." 05/30/21

"Been great since I met you all. My dogs have always been treated very curious." 05/25/21

"My baby was cared for and everyone did a great job with reassurance." 05/24/21

"Respect shown to both my cat and I dealing with your vet was both highly informative and pleasant." 05/24/21

"I felt the services were a bit pricey, but I can't complain about the care." 05/22/21

"I used your services in 2018 when I was here for the summer. I knew ya'll were wonderful and could help me with my current dog, Riley. Porcupine quills removed as well as an unexpected .22 cal slug. Thank you Dr. Crystal! I am very grateful!" 05/18/21

"Always helpful, even when I know they are so busy. I feel they really care about my little mutt Winnie ;)." 05/18/21

"On the afternoon of May 7th, my senior dog was in distress. I called the office and told them I was rushing her to their clinic. Thank you Dr. Stacy and staff for attending to Autumn and easing my worry so promptly."  05/10/21

"I have been bringing my dogs to this clinic for at least 40 years. The employees starting with the front desk all the way back with the technicians to the vets have always given my pets the best care." 05/02/21

"Joey has special needs and so I always have many questions about his health. Dr. Glenn has always listened, been patient and answered all my questions." 05/01/21

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They listened to me, didn't shame me at all, and treated my cat quickly and well. Awesome experience!" 04/23/21

"I respect the knowledge and concern of the vets and staff who assist me and my dogs there." 04/22/21

"The check-in wasn't working right so I had to ask in the parking lot. I left messages like instructed on the prompt but there was something wrong with the machine." 04/18/21

"Dr Glen was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. He explained everything very clearly and even wrote everything down for me. He was caring toward my pet and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a vet." 04/17/21

"Will be glad when we can be in the examining room to ask questions as examination goes along. Hard to be involved in the parking lot. I realize, though, that it is not your choice to do thngs this way." 03/31/21

"Very thorough, presented us with information we could understand." 03/27/21

"We love how knowledgeable you ALL are and how pet friendly you were not just w our Bella, but w all the lil furry ones we see while there..thank you all!! 03/27/21

"Dr McConnell and the staff are exceptional" 03/26/21

"Has always treated our dogs and us great. Exceptional care! 03/21/21

"C.VC. is wonderful in every way except one, thus only 4 stars. I don't feel I'm exaggerating when I say you're not just a bit pricey but shamefully expensive. It's heartbreaking when the average person can't afford to keep a loving pet in good health." 03/06/21

"This was the first time we had been to your clinic. We moved here from Illinois 7 years ago and just got a puppy. Many friends recommended your clinic and they were right Dr. Glenn was so caring and took his time answering all questions. Staff great. 03/06/21

"Courteous, considerate and express the same passion for my babies as I do. Thank you Country Vet Clinic. You guys rock!! <3 03/01/21

"Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. Reasonable pricing, thorough in explanations and their love of all animals show." 03/01/21

"Have been coming to country vet clinic for almost 10 years and our dog has always received the very best care. All the staff are just wonderful. Thank you for all the great care you give. Wouldn't take our pet any place else." 02/23/21

"Amazing new pet experience. Already referred friends and family" 02/20/21

"Dr Glen listened to all our issues and answered all our many questions and concerns. He is an amazing vet! The best I have ever known in my 40 years of having pets! He is knowledgeable, compassionate and caring!" 02/20/21

"Savannah was sweet and very helpful, it was our first visit. Dr. Glen's compassionate and knowledgeable care made Mercedes and I both feel comfortable. I sincerely appreciated the extra time he spent listening to me and answering my many questions.' 02/18/21

"I would venture to say, from pets' perspectives, you have healing smiles and touch" 02/18/21

"I love the great care they give my pets! They also listen to and answer my many questions!" 02/16/21

"as things are with covid restrictions, we were extremely happy with our first visit. the girls were great with Delilah's reluctance to exit the truck, and I got to help get her to the door of the office. appreciate Dr. Glens encouragement with her." 02/13/21

"Glen takes all the time we need and never makes us feel he's not willing to do whatever possible to help with Tali Sue! Plus he tells our little one is near perfect...who could argue with that!~lol" 02/13/21

"Prompt courteous service." 02/12/21

"They always take such good care of Bailey Jean and treat her as if she were their pet!" 02/08/21

"I would prefer to finish this at another time. It was my first visit and with the COVID restrictions I only have parking lot experience." 02/07/21

"The staff is always courteous and attentive to our dog's needs. They answer our questions and they are kind to our pet." 02/05/21

"Very friendly. I have confidence you will take care of my dog, which is very important to me. I always recommend you when someone asks for a vet reference." 02/04/21

"I loved how friendly the Doctor was and the technician also! Taking time to come out to my car to explain everything in a very caring way! Sunny is going to be happy with the care and I am, too! Glad that Country Veterinary Clinic was recommended" 01/03/21

"I've been coming to Country Clinic for many many years. Always had the best care. Love the vets and vet techs. Even with the many changes over the years always had the best of care. I will miss seeing Rex though. He is the best!" 01/02/21

"Everyone there was very professional and I feel they are handling our current health situation in the best way possible. Thank you for making us feel comfortable." 01/02/21

"Even though I had second Best Doctor....he was excellent! Until he called my pet rotund.... after discussing this term with her I told her it meant slightly plump. After that things settled down. Thank you for your service to us and others." 01/01/21

"Dr. Glenn gave us 100 percent of his attention. He showed interest asking about our puppy (Saint Bernard) asked about where we found her, asked about her parents. Gave great pointers. Suggested procedures to keep her tummy from twisting. Thankful." 01/01/21

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